National Holiday:
- 12/23 "Emperor's Birthday" (天皇誕生日)

Major Event:
- 12/24 Christmas Eve
- 12/31 New Year's Eve.

Weather: Mostly Sunny (rains 56mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 7.4 degrees C, 57%

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360 degrees view of Mt. Fuji

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Mount Fuji ( 富士山, a.k.a. Fuji-san.) is the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776m (12,388ft). Along with Mount Tate and Mount Haku, it is one of Japan's "Three Holy Mountains" ( 三霊山 Sanreizan). An active volcano that last erupted in 1707-1708, Mount Fuji is just west of Tokyo, and can be seen on a clear day. Mount Fuji's exceptionally symmetrical cone is a well-known symbol of Japan and it is frequently depicted in art and photographs, as well as visited by sightseers and climbers.

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