Furumine Shrine's Koyo

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Furumine Shrine's Koyo (古峯神社の紅葉) is very famous and popular in Tochigi prefecture. Furumine Shrine is located in western Tochigi Prefecture. It was established over 1300 years ago when Yamatotakerunomikoto visited this place. This place was used to be a part of Shugendo place for the trail to Nikko. There are many Japanese maple trees that have beautiful Koyo around the early November.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Time: 9:00 to 17:00 (closed on 16:00 in Winter)

0. at Utsunomiya Station.
1. use JR Nikko Line to Kanuma Station.
2. use a local bus to Furuminejinja.

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Furumine Shrine's Koyo
Furumine Shrine is located in Kanuma, Tochigi Prefecture. It enshrines Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, the royal prince of Emperor Keiko. He is a legendary hero who conquered eastern Japan. When he visited this place, he established this shrine. It is also known as the shrine of Tengu.