Hiking at Gozenyama

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Hiking at Gozenyama (御前山ハイキング) is very easy and it has a beautiful nature, especially in Autumn. It is located in Katsura, Ibaraki Prefecture. It takes about 2 hours of hiking. During the Autumn, it has a beautiful Koyo and nice view from the mountain. There is also a small waterfall and beautiful clear water river.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Use Michinoeki Katsuragi.

Need a car.
Driver 123 north from Mito.

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Hiking at Gozenyama
Mt. Gozen was used to be a mountain castle during Kamakura Period. It is 180m tall mountain and considered as Kanto's Arashiyama.
Gozenyama named by the priest Dokyo when he was demoted and moved from Kyoto to this place.