Hacchogura Street

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Hacchogura Street (八丁蔵通り) is one of the old looking street located in Okazaki. This place is very famous for Miso Brewery. There are many established breweries in this street. Some of them are you can see the inside of the breweries.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom at the station.
0. at Okazaki Station.
1. use Aichi Kanjo Line to Naka Okazaki Station.
2. walk west.

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Map around Hacchogura Street

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Hacchogura Street
Hacchokura Street is the Miso Brewery spots located in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture. This street has a beautiful black and white walls with many traditional buildings that are still used as the Miso Brewery.

Some of them are registered as the national important cultural assets.

There is Miso Brewery factory tour at those Miso Breweries.