Mt. Hinokiboramaru Hiking

Travel Information

Mt. Hinokiboramaru Hiking (檜洞丸ハイキング) is one of the popular hiking around Tokyo. Mt. Hinokiboramaru is located in Tanzawa mountain, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is 1,601m tall and has a great view of wonderful mountains and Mt. Fuji. It is a very hard climbing route and includes rock climbing with chains. There is a couple of restrooms on the trail and many tables.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Takes about: 7 to 9 hours.

0. at Shinmatsuda Station.
1. Use Fujikyu Bus to Nishitanzawa Visiter Center.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Mt. Hinokiboramaru Hiking
Entire distance: 12.4km
Avarage time: 7 hours and 40 min.
The altitude difference: 1504m in total.

Mt. Hinokiboramaru is one of the Tanzawa Mountains located in western Kanagawa Prefecture. It is 1,601m tall mountain with a great view of Mt. Fuji and Azalea.

The Route
Start at: Nishizawa Shizen Kyoshitsu.
Gorasawa River
Mt. Hinokiboramaru
Yougisawa deai.
Back to Nishizawa Shizen Kyoshitsu.