How to cook Buri Daikon

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Buri Daikon (ブリ大根) is one of popular winter hot dish in Japan. It is boiled Japanese radish and Yellowtail with Dashi flavor. This is also very reasonable food. Daikon, Japanese radish is very cheap, and you can use Ara Buri, which is the wast part of yellowtail. Ara Buri is very cheap, too. So, it is healthy, tasty and cheap winter food.

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How to cook Buri Daikon

- Daikon, Japanese radish 1/2,
- Ara Buri, Rough cut of Yellowtail 300g,
- Sugar,
- Soy Sauce,
- Mirin,
- Sake.

Cut Daikon about 2 to 3 cm wide.
Peel off.
Cut them into small size.
Remove the corners.

Prepare large amount of boiled water and boil Buri for a second.
Remove them from boiled water.

Prepare a pan with 600ml of water.
Add 200ml of Sake.
Add 3 large tablespoons of suger.
Add 3 large tablespoons of Mirin.

Add Daikon and Buri.

Boil them about 15 min.

Remove its scum.

After 15 min. Add 5 large tablespoons of Soy Sauce.

Cover them with a drop lid,

and boil them until the color of Daikon change to orange.

That's it.