How to cook Kabocha no Nimono

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Kabocha no Nimono (カボチャの煮物) is a Japanese cooked dish of Pumpkin. It is very popular and common food in winter. It is flavored with, Dashi and sugar. So, it's very simple and tasty. It is a great Izakaya food, too.

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How to cook Kabocha no Nimono

- Pumpkin 400g,
- Sugar,
- Dashi powder,
- Soy Sauce.

First remove the seeds.
Then cut about 3cm pieces.
Cut Skin roughly.
Cut finely on top of pumpkin.
Add 1 cup of water into a pan.
Add half small tablespoon of Dashi powder.
Put pumpkins.
Cover with a drop lid and boil them about 10 min.
Add 1 large tablespoon of Sugar.
Add 1 small tablespoon of Soy Sauce.
Then, boil them until pumpkin become soft. (Apx. 5 min.)
That's it.