How to dance Heisei Shinjuku Ondo

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Heisei Shinjuku Ondo (平成新宿音頭) is one of the difficult Bon Dance. Therefore, once you remember its dance, it will be very fun Bon Dancing.

Song: Kyoko Hanada, Susumu Ishikawa.

Level: 05 Expert
Type: Very long song.

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How to dance Heisei Shinjuku Ondo

Face to the direction (counter clockwise).
Clap & clap & clap, clap & clap.
Long version. It's always this way in this song.
Both hands up (palm side down) to the right and step right.
Step left and put hands down on left side.
Step right again and bend knees.
Do the other side.
Left, right, left and bend.
Step right and left. Make a circle and open arms up. Put feet together.
Step right and tap.
Step left and tap.
Flip left hand (palm face to your face), and flip it back.
Put hands down.
Step 3 from right and hands up (right palm face up).
Then, bend knees.
Put back hands on left side.
Swing hands and step right and left.
Put feet together and touch thighs.
Carry Mikoshi on left shoulder.
Step right foot, front, back and step 3.
Do the other side.