Ishito Kaba Zakura

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Ishito Kaba Zakura (石戸蒲ザクラ) is one of 5 major Sakura in Japan. It is located in Kitamoto, Saitama Prefecture. Kaba-Zakura is over 800 years old Sakura trees. Around the end of March, you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossom. There are also many sakura trees that bloom around Kaba-Zakura. During the blossom season, there is a festival that has great local foods and products. Tomato curry served here is so good.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Kumagaya Station.
1. use JR Takasaki Line to Kitamoto Station.
2. use a local bus to Ishito Kabazakura.

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Ishito Kaba Zakura
Ishito Kaba-Zakura is the 800 years old cherry blossom located in Kitamoto, Saitama prefecture. It is also chosen as one of 5 greatest Sakura Trees in Japan.

Legend said, the brother of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first Shogun who open Samurai Government, Minamoto no Noriyori visited here and stuck his pole into the ground, and that pole became this Sakura Tree.