Kasai Seaside park

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Kasai Seaside park (葛西臨海公園, kasairinkaikoen) is one of popular seaside park around Tokyo Metro. It is also one of the biggest parks in Tokyo. There is a beach, BBQ place and many other attractions for family activities. There are also an aquarium and Ferris wheel. The park has also great the bird watching area. Many photographer and bird lovers visit here for wild birds.

Tourist Info.
There are huge parking. Restrooms and shops are in this park.
You cannot swim at the beach.

0. at Tokyo Station.
1. use JR Keiyou Line to Kasairinkaikouenmae
2. walk (2 min.)

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Map around Kasai Seaside park

Detailed Travel Guide

Kasai Seaside park

The park is divided to several area: Aquarium area, Bird watching area, green play field area, and seaside area. There is beach which you can enjoy family activities (no swimming).
The Aquarium is one of the biggest one in Japan. As the aquarium, this one has largest number of yearly visitors in Japan.
At the Bird watching area, you can enjoy birdwatching. The area is preserved so that wild bird can nest and live. Many photographers visit here to take a photo of those bird. One of the best bird watching spot in Tokyo.

There is also a huge Ferris wheel which has great view of Tokyo Bay area.