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Kitamuki Kannon (北向観音) is one of popular temple in Bessho, Nagano Pref. It is Tendai Buddhism Temple established in 825 by priest Ennin. It is the branch temple of Jorakuji temple. The main hall was constructed in 1721. It is only one of few temples that face to the north.

Visitor's Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Ueda station.
1. use Bessho Line to Bessho Onsen Station.
2. walk west.

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Kitamuki Kannon
Kitamuki Kannon. As the stars of the sky provide guidance through the darkness of night, this Kitamuki Kannon has the power to guide people to worldly benefit. This temple is juxtaposed with Zenkoji temple to south, and it was once said that without paying respects at both temples, on would become unbalanced.

In the year 825, when the mountain that lies behind Jorakuji Temple split the earth after a great noise, causing damage to people and animals, priest Ennin lit a holy fire. From that fire appeared golden light, the color of ripened rice, and the deity Aisenkatsura. Ennin is said to have carved the statue of the spirit himself and performed sacred rites with it.