Kosuisai Hakone Fireworks

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Kosuisai Hakone Fireworks (湖水祭花火大会) is one of the fireworks festival held in Lake Ashino on July 31. There are about 4,000 fireworks around the area of Moto-Hakone. It is so beautiful with the reflections of fireworks on the lake Ashino. You can enjoy fireworks from the cruises as well.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Time: 20:00 to 20:30
Date: 7/31
Cruise leaves each port and price is 2200 to 2800 JPY.

0. at Odawara Station.
1. use Hakone Tozan Bus to Motohakone (30 min.)

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Kosuisai Hakone Fireworks
Kosuisai Fireworks is one of the Shinto Ceremony happens on July 31. It is held by Kuzuryu Shrine that enshrines the divine dragon of Lake Ashino.

There are about 4, 000 fireworks.