Minamisanriku Sansan Shotengai

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Minamisanriku Sansan Shotengai (南三陸さんさん商店街) is a temporary shopping mall with portable stall constructions. It is located in Minamisanriku, Miyagi prefecture where had a serious destruction by Tunami in 2011. It was built in Feb 2012 for the symbol of restoration of Minamisanriku. There are 30 stores open at this mall. There is open table and cafe for visitors.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Kesennuma Station.
1. use JR BRT to Shizugawa Station.

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Minamisanriku Sansan Shopping Mall is new constructed prefab shopping mall. It was built in February 25, 2012. Minamisanriku is located in Miyagi prefecture. Minamisanriku was seriously destroyed by Tsunami in 2011, and this mall is one of the movement for their restoration.

Horaku: Japanese style Chinese
Matsubara: Seafood Restaurant
Shinoya: Seafood Restaurant
Kyougoku: Soba
Hashimoto: creative food.

Shizennouen no tam ago no crepe: Crepe and milk shake
Chibanori: Seaweed
Oizenkamaboko: Kamaboko

Tamaya: Electric store
Aberoku: Clothing
Obechaho: Tea shop
Miyagidenkihsizugawa: Electric store
Marusen Food: Food
Royal Fish: Fish market
Yamashin: Snack
Minato: Fresh food
Wataya: T-shirts and goods.
An: Flower
Lips: Fashion
Miyakawa: Barber
Sara: Photo Sutudio
Makana: Hair
Abeto: Osteopathic clinic

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