Mitsumine Shrine's Setsubun

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Mitsumine Shrine's Setsubun (三峰神社の節分) is very famous. Setsubun is the festival held on February 3 all over in Japan. At the main building of Mitsumine shrine, many people of the years throw soybeans. Also, the priest of the shrine will throw the lucky currency.

Tourist Info.
There are parking.
Date: 2/3
Time: 7:00, 11:00, Noon, 14:00 and 16:00

0. at Chichibu Station.
1. use Chichbu Line to Mitsumineguchi.
2. use the local bus to Mitsumine Shrine.

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Mitsumine Shrine's Setsubun
At Setsubun, you throw soybeans to celebrate the arrival of spring. The magic spell is "Oni wa soto, Fuku wa uchi (鬼は外、福は内)" which literally means "Devils out, Luck in." It held on February 3 at Shrines and temples.

This is called "Mamemaki (豆まき)"

For the family events, one of person wear "Oni men" which is the devil mask to be Oni. Lest of family throw Oni soybeans with "Oni wa soto."

When there is no Oni, you throw soybeans outside of your house from the gate with "Oni wa soto (devils out)", then throw them inside of the house with "Fuku wa uchi (Lucks in)."

After throwing Mamemaki, you eat a specific number of soybeans, which is your age + one.

Mitsumine Shrine has the special word after "Oniwasoto, Fukuwauchi," they say "Gomottomosama."