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Naganoken Seiyaku (長野県製薬) is one of the pharmaceutical company that produces Ontake Hyakusogan. Hyakusogan is one of the Japanese traditional drugs that has over 200 years of history in Kiso. It is a natural drug that is mostly made from trees ingredients. It is great medicine for your stomach problem. Hyakusogan is the popular souvenir of Kiso, especially Mt. Ontake climbers. Naganoken Seiyaku has also the factory tour and the shop you can bu many medicines.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
The factory tour is available in the morning time.
Business Hours: 10:00 to 15:30

0. at Kiso-Fukushima Station.
Need a car to visit. Drive from route 19 to 20 to 256 to Otaku Village.

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Naganoken Seiyaku
Naganoken Seiyaku is the pharmaceutical company established in 1948. It produces mainly Hyakusogan that is the popular local medicine of Kiso that has over 200 years of the history. Hyakusogan was created around the end of Edo period by Shugenja of Mt. Ontake. It is made from the skin of Amur Corktree and 4 other trees. It is a great medicine for your stomach problems since Edo period. Many of the travelers and climbers of Mt. Ontake bought Hyakusogan as their souvenir.

At the factory of Naganoken Seiyaku, there is a factory tour that you can see the manufacturing line of Hyakusogan. It has also the shop that you can buy Hyakusogan and other medicines.

Hyakusogan : Ingredients
The skin of Amur Corktree
The skin of Magnolia obovata
Geranium thunbergii
Atractylodes japonica
Swertia japonica

Great for Over eating and over drinking.
The problem with a stomach.