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Narage-juku (楢下宿) is one of the post town located in southern Yamagata Prefecture. It is located on Ushu Kaido Road and there are many traditional houses remaining here. Some of them are open for the public so you can see the inside of the old Japanese house. It is chosen as 100 best history street and registered as the national historic site.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Yamagata Station.
1. use JR Yamagata Shinkansen to Kaminoyama Onsen Station.
2. walk south.

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Map around Narage-juku

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Naragejuku is a post town located in Kaminoyama, Yamagata Prefecture. It was used to be a post town during Edo period. There are many traditional houses remaining in this town. It has a view of Edo style town.

Takizawaya Hotel (滝沢屋) is an old traditional house located in southern Yamagata Prefecture. This house was constructed in the middle of the 18th century. This house was used as the hotel for Daimyo. Many Daimyo stayed here during their parade in Edo period.

Takeda House
Constructed around late 18th century. Open Public.

Open Public.

Awano House
Open Public.