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New Hachiko Statue(新ハチ公像)another statue of the Loyal Dog, Hachiko located in the University of Tokyo. It was made by Tsutomu Ueda in 2015 and donated to the university. It was made for the 80 years anniversary of Hachiko's death. Unlike other statue at Shibuya, Hachiko finnally meet his master Dr. Ueno. So, this statue has not only Hachiko, but also his master Dr. Ueno. Over 90 years that Hachiko has been waiting for Dr. Ueno, and he finally meets his master.

Tourist Info.
Campus will be open from 6:00 during the weekdays, and 7:00 during the weekends.
There is no parking.
You can use the restroom at the campus.
Gate closed: 24:30
Stay in a good manner.

0. at Tokyo Station.
1. use Marunouchi line to Korakuen Station.
2. use Nanboku Line to Todaimae.
3. walk south. It's located left hand side of the gate.

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New Hachiko Statue

Loyal Dog, Hachi-ko is the famous Akita dog that has been waiting for his master, Dr. Ueno for 9 years after Dr. Ueno passed away until his death. It is well known story as the Loyal Dog Hachiko. At Shibuya Station where he was waiting for his master, there is his first statue. This new Hachiko Statue was donated to the University of Tokyo for the 80 years anniversary of Hachiko's death.

There is also the statue of his master, Dr. Ueno right next to Hachi-ko. Just like once in a upon time when Hachi-ko was meeting Dr. Ueno at the station, in this statue, they finally meet each other over 90 years.