Nirasaki Heiwa Kannon Statue

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Nirasaki Heiwa Kannon Statue (韮崎平和観音) is a large buddhism statue located on the top of the hill in Nirasaki, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is 16.6m tall, including the base it will be 18.3m tall in total. It is the symbol of the world peace constructed in 1958.

Tourist Info.
There is parking. No restroom.

0. at Obuchizawa Station.
1. JR Chuo Line to Nirasaki Station.
2. walk (5 min.)

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Nirasaki Heiwa Kannon Statue

This Heiwa Kannon Statue was constructed for the world peace and safe for the hikers in 1958. It is located on the top of the hill that has a great view of Yamanashi and Mt. Fuji. In April, beautiful Sakura bloom.