Sakura at Wakayama Castle

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Wakayama Castle (和歌山城の桜) is one of the popular Sakura spots located in Wakayama city. There are about 600 Sakura Trees that bloom in early April in this castle. At night, 400 lanterns will light up at Sakura at night. There are many foods' stands during the festival.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Light-up: Sunset to 22:00

0. at Wakayama Station.
1. use local bus to city center.

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Sakura at Wakayama Castle
Wakayama Castle (和歌山城) is one of hilltop castle located in Wakayama. It was built in 1585. The lord of Wakayama castle was one of Tokugawa clan during Edo period. There are stone walls, moat and some building remaining as the original. It is chosen as one of 100 best Japanese castles and registered national historic site.