Shiogama Shrine

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Shiogama Shrine (鹽竃神社) is located in Wakaura, Wakayama Prefecture. It is chosen as one of the 10 Scenic Beauty Spots of Wakayama Prefecture. There is a unique huge rocky wall behind the shrine.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking space.
There is no restroom.

0. at Wakayama Station.
1. use JR Kise Line to Kimiidera Station.
2. walk west

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Map around Shiogama Shrine

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Shiogama Shrine
At the foot of Mt. Kagamiyama, one of the Tamatsushima tidal island, there is a littoral cave, where Shiotsuchi-no-Oji, the god of tides, salt production, pregnancy and smooth delivery, is enshrined. The cave was once called "Koshi-no-Iwaya" (lit. Cave of Portable Shrine), due to an annual Shinto ritual which used to be celebrated at Niutsuhime Shrine, located at the upper reaches of the Kino-kawa River. In the ritual, a procession with a mikoshi (portable shrine) starting at Niutsuhime Shrine marched to the cave, where it was placed temporarily. The landscape of Rocky Mt. Kagamiyama, composed mainly of crystalline schist with ocean waves lapping onto its shore, has been praised as one of the Ten Sites of Scenic Beauty in Wakanoura.