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Tosakaido Road (土佐街道) is one of the Edo style town located in Nara Prefecture. The history of Tosakaido is very old. It appears in Yamato Period, 3rd to 6th century. There are many traditional houses including the real samurai houses. During the Sengoku to Edo period, this town became the castle towns. Therefore, the real samurai houses from the castle and some of the buildings are in this town.

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There are parking and restroom.

0. at Kashihara Jingu Mae Station.
1. use Kintetsu Yoshino Line to Tubosakayama Station.
2. walk east.

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Tosakaido Road
In the 6th century, people from all across the Japanese archipelago came to the modern day Nara area to help complete the place in Asuka and offer their services. According to one theory, a group of people came from the area of modern-day Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku, then known as Tosa-no-kuni. After the palace's completion, the people of TOsa-no-kuni wished to go back to their own homes and their lands back in Shikoku. However, they were denied help from the Imperial Court and had no money or method to return to their homeland. With no way to return home, they came and settled here. In order to keep the spirit of their own land alive in their hearts and minds, they called their new settlement "Tosa."

From ancient times, through the middle ages until Edo period, this area was known as Tosamachi. Each era would influence Tosamachi as the town continued to prosper. In the 17th century, the head of the Uemura Family came to the area to rule over Taketori castle as its Daimyo. The family would rule over the lands surrounding the castle, which included Tosamachi. During the height of the Uemura family's rule, TOsamachi was the focal point of the area's government, economy and industry. Along the main street of Tosamachi, splendid and prominent stores could be found; Iseya, Ikedaya, Kannonjiya, Satsumaya, as well as many others. Tosamachi was the hub of the area's society and culture. Nowadays, when one walks down the long road of TOsamachi here in Takatori, the sights remind you of a time gone by, of the fantastic history that surrounds this place. The quiet murmur of the stream flowing along the road whispers to us of days long past, and reminds us of our proud and long history, of a people from far away of Tosha.