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Gojo Shinmachi Town (五條新町) is one of the Edo Style town located in western Nara prefecture. It was used to be the castle town and today it remains many traditional houses that have the scenery of Samurai era. There are many merchant houses constructed in Edo period to the early Meiji period. Two of them are opened for public and Kuriyama House is the oldest civilian house remaining in Japan.

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There are parking and restroom.

0. at Takada Station.
1. use JR Wakayama Line to Gojo station.
2. walk south.

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Gojo Shinmachi Town
Gojo Shinmachi Town is located on the east side of Yoshinogawa River, Nara prefecture. This town was built in 1608 by Matsukura Shigemasa as the castle town of Futami Castle. The castle was abandoned in 1616 by the town itself was remaining until today. During Edo period, it was developed as the merchant town nearby Ise Road.

Kuriyama House, registered the important cultural assets
it was constructed in 1607. With the clear written records, this house is the oldest civilian's house in Japan.
Not open for the public because the people still live here.

Machiya House
... is the visitor's center and free resting place of Gojo Shinmachi Town. This house was used to be Tsuji House. This house was constructed in the late Edo period. It was used to be the house of the rice merchant. The structure of the house is the same as the typical house in Edo period. Today, fully restored and open for the visitor's center. They sale the local craftworks and serve tea here.

Machinami Densho House
... is another visitor's center in Gojo. It was used to be a hospital. The hospital and the doctor's house are still remaining here. Closed on Wednesday. This house was constructed in the late Meiji Period. It displays many historical items related to Gojo Town.