Cherry Blossom

Activities to enjoy beautiful flowers
Sakura Cherry blossom is not only flowers you can enjoy in Japan. There are many flowers all over in Japan for all season. In February and March, Ume (Japanese plum) bloom. April Sakura blooms everywhere in Japan.
You can enjoy Ajisai. Those flowers are planted well so that you can enjoy watching those flowers.
Especially, Hanami spots for Sakura and Ume, offers great party time in each spot.

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Kawazu CherryBlossom Festival

Miharu Taki-Zakura

Sakura, Mt.Fuji & Pagoda

Kawazu Sakura Festival

Hanami at Odawara Castle

Hanami at Maruyama Park

Yozakura at Ueno Park

Hanami at Ueno Park

Sumida Park

Hanami at Rikugien

Hanami at Omiya park

Sakura at Meguro River

Nanko Park


Jindai Sakura

Kinuta Park Hanami

Kaiseizan Park

Hanami at Mitsuzawa Park

Zenpukuji River Green Park

Hanami at Shukugawa Park

Sakurayama Park

Ohoka River Promenade

Hanami at Toneri Park

Sumioshi Sakura

Hanami at Chidorigafuchi

Kinugasayama Park

Hanami at Sankeien Garden

Yamato Thousand Sakura

Hanami at Wakamatsu Castle

Akagi South Side 1000 Sakura

Kawazu Sakura of Miurakaigan

Kumagaya Sakura Bank

Hansaki Sweeping Sakura

Cherry Blossom at Fruits Park

Sakura Festa at Gongendo

Sakura Festival at Lk.Kawaguchi

Hanami at Inokashira park

Hanami at Meguro River

Wakamiya Oji Street

Sakura no Yama Park

Koishikawa Korakuen

Honmoku Summit Park

Asahi River Sakura Road

Hanami at Mizumoto Park

Hanami at Mino Ogura Park

Plum Garden of Aoba no Mori Park

Komatsugawa 1000 Sakura

Kuroiso Park

Sakura at Mori Garden

Hanami at Gumyouji Park

Akiyama Koma Zakura

Matsuda Sakura Festival

Sweeping Sakura at Jiganji

Musenyama Sakura Ave.

Sakura at Tatsumi Forest Park

Sakura at Sendai Horikawa Park

Ishito Kaba Zakura

NomikawaRiversideWalk Sakura

Sakura at Nikaryo Canal

Hanami at Asukayama park

Hanami at Senzoku Pond Park

Hanami at Mitsuike Park

Kawazu Sakura at Night

Kishine Park

Hanami at Shimizu Park

Yonezawa Chitose Sakura

Hanami at Handayama park

Sakura at Kanda Myojin Shrine

Hanami at Nogeyama Park

Omorishiroyama Park Hanami

Sakura at Jissoji

Homyoji temple Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom in Shiba Park

Ishiwari Sakura

Original Kawazu Sakura

Omuro Sengen Shrine's Sakura

Sakura at Fuji View Hotel

Hamarikyu Garden

Hanami at Harimazaka

Hanami at Yasukuni Shrine

Hanami at Edogawa Park

Shiroyama Park

Sakura Zaka

Sotobori Park

The Bank of Moto Ara River

Hanami at Negishi Shinrin Park

Hanami at Nishigawa Park

Hanami at Mino Park

Karasugamori Park

Sakura at Shiroyamainari


Sakura in Yaesu Street

Sakura of Yanaka Cemetery

Takasaki Castle Sakura

Hanami at Maebashi Park

Sakura at Lake Shibire

Kitamoto Park's Cherry Blossom

Sakura at Zojoji Temple

Sakura at Komazawa Park

Gosho Sakura

Sakurano park

Sakura St. of Sakuragi Town

Sakura at Ubuyagasaki

Sakura at Lk. Kawaguchi

Sakura at Yagisaki Park

Hanami at Shiroyama Park

Hanami at Minoyama Park

Yozakura at Kaiseizan Park

Tsukioka Park

Hanami at Araiyakushi Park

Hanami at Toyama Park

Hanami at Okayama Castle Ujo park

Night Hanami at Tsuruga Castle

Hanami at Ujo Park

Hanami at Mizumoto Chuo Park

Komatsugawa Park

Nagamine Park


Sakura of Jingugaien

Sakura at Nogeyama Zoo

Sakuradayama Park Hanami

Hanami at Manogawa River

Sakura at Kisyamichi

Hanami at Kiyosumi Park

Hanami at Fukagawa

Hanami at Otonashi Park

Setagaya Sakura Avenue

Hanami at Nakano Street

Shinyokohama Ekimae Park

Wadahori Park

Arkhills Sakura Slope

Arkhills Spain Slope

Hanami at North side of Mino Bridge

Sakura at Nakabashi Bridge

Kawazu CherryBlossom Festival

Travel Information

The Kawazu cherry blossoms(河津桜, kawazu zakura) bloom from early February through early March, for about a month. The Kawazu cherry trees have the characteristic of large pink flowers. The rows of the chery trees, “Kawazu-zakura Namiki,” continue along the Kawazu River for about three kilometers, starting from the river mouth near the Kawazu Station to Mine Onsen. You will enjoy great pink flowers of Kawazu zakura for both side of Kawazu river.

Tourist Info.
There are many parking and food stands.

0. at Atami Station
1. use JR Ito line to Kawazu Station (1 hr. 16 min.)
2. walk north (10 min.)