Gujo Dance at Hotel Gujo Hachiman

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Hotel Gujo Hachiman (ホテル郡上八幡) offers the dance lecture of Gujo Dance (郡上おどり). Gujo Odori is one of the most famous folk dance in Japan. There are 10 different dances, and most of them are played widely in Japan at Bon Odori Matsuri in summer. Hotel Gujo Hachiman has free dance lecture for their guests at night.

Tourist Info.
Time of the lecture: 9:00p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
For guests only.
It has live music.

0. at Gujo-Hachiman Station.
1. use shuttle bus to Hotel Gujo Hachiman.

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Gujo Dance at Hotel Gujo Hachiman