Kokkai Zentei Japanese Garden

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Kokkai Zentei Japanese Garden (国会前庭 日本庭園) is located in front of Japanese Parliament House. This garden was used to be the house of Kuki clan during Edo period. This garden is a typical circuit style garden with pond. In Autumn, it has beautiful Koyo, Autumn leaves. This garden is also surrounded by Gingko trees. They will also have great Koyo.

Tourist Info.
There is restroom. no parking.
Open: 9:00 to 17:00
Admission: Free.

0. at Tokyo Station.
1. use Marunouchi Line to Kokaigijidomae.
2. walk south (5 min.)

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Kokkai Zentei Japanese Garden

There are various kinds of Sakura in this garden: Ukon Sakura, Yaebeniooshima, Ichiharatoranoo Sakura and Someiyoshino. It is very nice place to enjoy lunch.