Mt. Kurofu

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Travel Information

Mt. Kurofu (黒斑山) is 2,404m tall mountain located on the border of Gunma and Nagano prefecture. It has a great view of Mt. Asama. Mt. Kurofu has very easy trekking route that takes about 2 hours. It is also very easy for a winter hiking. In the winter, this mountain will be covered with full of snow.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom at the entrance.

0. at Omuro Station.
1. use local bus to Kurumazakatouge.
2. takes 2 hours to the top.

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Map around Mt. Kurofu

Detailed Travel Guide

Mt. Kurofu

Mt. Kurofu is 2,404m tall mountain that has a great view of Mt. Asama that is 2,568m. It is a part of Outer mountains of Mt. Asama. On the top of the mountain, it has a great view of Mt. Asama, Kita Alps mountains and even Chuo Alps and Mt. Fuji at far site.

This mountain is very easy and the route has well constructed. This mountain is also known as the beginners course for snow trekking.