NomikawaRiversideWalk Sakura

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Nomikawa Riverside Walk (吞川緑道の桜) is one of the popular Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo. It is located in Setagaya, Tokyo. There are about 300 Sakura Trees that bloom in early April. It is about a 2km long beautiful Cherry Blossom Ave. There is a light-up for night Sakura.

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There is no parking or restroom.

0. at Shibuya Station.
1. use Tokyu Toyoko Line to Toritsudaigaku Station.

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NomikawaRiversideWalk Sakura
Since Edo period, Nomikawa River was used as irrigation water. The area along the river was called Fusumamura Village and was a production center of various vegetables such as radish, potato, and bamboo.

Today, it is re-constructed as the Sakura Ave. Park. It is about 2km long park with about 300 Sakura trees that bloom in the early April. You can enjoy beautiful strolling under beautiful Sakura in Spring.