Oumi Jingu Shrine

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Oumi Jingu Shrine (近江神宮) is located in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture. It enshrines the emperor Tenji. The emperor Tenji is one of the important emperors who built the central government system. This shrine was established for the anniversary of 2600 of the history of Japan. Oumi Jingu is located in the former imperial palace built by the emperor Tenji.

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There are parking and restroom.

0. at Ishiyama Station.
1. use Ishiyama Sakamoto Line to Omijingumae Station.
2. walk north.

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Oumi Jingu Shrine
Enshrines: The Emperor Tenji
Reitaisai: April 20

In 667, The emperor Tenji removed the imperial palace from Asuka to this location. This shrine was established in the anniversary of 2600 of the history of Japan by Emperor Hirohito. On the first Sunday of June, there is Yabusame festival, the horseback archery.