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Yahagi House (矢作家住宅) is the old farmer's house located in Shinjo, Yamagata Prefecture. It is the oldest remaining farmer's house in Yamagata Prefecture. It was constructed in the late 18th century has the features of Yamagata's farmer's house. It is registered as an important cultural asset.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Time: 10:00 to 16:00
Period: April to November.

0. at Shinjo Station.
1. use JR Ou Line to Izumita Station.
2. walk east

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Yahagi House
The former Yahagi family residence is a valuable building which allows us to know about the oft-seen farming residences of the mid-18th century Mogami district, which was designated as an important cultural asset in 1969. Altho there is no clear data on the construction period, it is presumed to be from the mid to late-Edo period, judging from the structure of the house. Whereas some reconstruction and expansion were provided in the mid-Meiji and the early Taisho periods, it is currently being restored to its original appearance.

The building includes central stable gates, as were often found in the snow country in line with the Edo period "Ofuregaki". In addition, with skylights building high into the wall above storm doors, and ponds loated behind the house in order to melt snow from the roof and around the building, fitted with these colors of a region with heavy snowfall the building made great use of the wisdom of the people of the past.